Jose Ferreira Ramos
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Social Responsibilities

Mr. José Ferreira Ramos is a man with a vision. Like all distinguished personalities he had a set of guidelines and ideology that guided him in a path to practical intelligence.

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His Mission & Vision

  • organizational excellence with the best business practices
  • generating products with multiple aggregate values
  • Create a revolutionary innovation through tri-dimensional productivity
  • Promotion of innovative ideas

His vision is reflected in the following principles

  • Be the best investment option for shareholders and customers
  • Always work to increase a company's market value
  • Keep trying to recreate the experience of the customer
  • Aim for global presence in your industry
  • Be the best alternative to the self-realization of talents

World Future Outlook

Mr. José Ferreira Ramos expects to see the world in a certain position in the coming years. It is part of his futuristic vision. He dreams of a world where there is political stability going hand in hand with geo-strategic position of the industries and economies of both the developing and developed worlds. The political stability he urges is the base over which any business can happen and hence is of prime importance. The geo-strategic position gives advantages to various economies specific to their geological location. He points out that the demography, the culture and the regional factors combine with the market forces and conditions to shape the geo-strategic strength. The political stability contributes in the form of reconstruction and infrastructure building to promote business investment. The two factors combine with the global markets to create an integration that is beneficial for all parties. It is here he stresses on the meeting of the two worlds.

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