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Mr. José Ferreira Ramos had very humble beginnings like any of us but what set him apart in his journey through life was his ability to dream big and his will to get there. His life story is an inspiring one for generations to come.

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Mr. José Ferreira Ramos is a persona of unique talent. His achievements bear testimony to his skills and specialities. Mr. Jose Ramos, received the African Philanthropist of the year 2015 Award instituted by Mikiva Humanitrian Foundation held at Buttterworth, South Africa for his philanthropic activities. Besides, being a member of the Europe Business Assembly and the Vice President of Paralympic, his firm RIdge Solutions enjoys the status of being the first African Group to sponsor an F1 team.

As a pioneer leading from front he has won many awards for Ridge Solutions across the globe. Ridge won the “Best Enterprise Award” instituted by the Europe Business Assembly 2013. It has also won the certification of the ABC and EBA along with the OMAC Award -Majestic Five Continents for Quality and Excellence in 2013.

Ridge solutions Group sign major ($2 billion) mining trading transaction

Ridge Solutions under the chairmanship of Jose Ferrera Ramos, touched a new milestone by closing a deal of nearly $2 billion with Xinjiang Wall Optoelectronic Technology Co, Ltd. The Chinese firm hopes for a supply of 525,000 metric tons of cathode copper Non-London Metal Exchange Registered Copper Cathode Grade A type. The five year contract will involve a fund of two billion dollars being valid for the next five years. It happens to be a crucial deal in spurring the growth of the company along with its expansion. The need to build and make purchases for smelters; providing speedy implementation; deliverance through shipping channels, etc was a turning point for the company to learn about new ventures , cultures and trade partners. The deal is seen as an effective way to ensure vertical integration and up the presence of the company in the Mining Industry. Instilling confidence in the team it uplifted the spirit of team work and ambition many folds for a long time to come. It has helped in a long way to nurture a sense of development and corporate governance in a new environment and social sphere among the Inter-African regions, which has been Mr.Jose Ferrera Ramos’s philosophical mission in all our pursuits.


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