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Mr. José Ferreira Ramos

Mr. José Ferreira Ramos had very humble beginnings like any of us but what set him apart in his journey through life was his ability to dream big and his will to get there. His life story is an inspiring one for generations to come.

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Early Beginnings

Though he started his career in 1981 it took a leap when he held the position of Deputy Chief of Routes and Navigation Division at TAAG - Linhas Aéreas Angolanas. In 1986, José helped to launch TAAG Charter, while serving as Director of Operations. It was responsible for allocation of physical assets as well as management of operational budgets. Later Mr. José Ferreira Ramos, founded in 1992 various companies in Angola. It includes a transportation and cargo airline operating in region (TAE); a mineral exploration company (R&RR – Explorações Mineiras), a home building construction company (Group Five Angola). He was also the brainchild behind many construction and engineering services company in Luanda and other Angola provinces (TILCA). José has also represented numerous international companies active in civil works, construction and HVAC systems, assisting those companies to attain business in Angola.

Industries and Experience

Mr. José Ferreira Ramos has got a wide exposure in many industries and sectors of economy. His experience there as a key player and innovator of initiatives is something that can benefit everyone. Countries like Republic of S. Tome e Principe are already using his rich talent by appointing him the economic advisor to the President.

Starting from the airlines industry in the early years of his career he has knowledge in allocation of physical assets as well as management of operations. His ability as a property developer and construction visionary started with projects that RS Group built around the world. Engaging in aquaculture, agriculture and marketing of agro products etc adds to his skill. All this reflects his immense skill in economics both micro and macro. He also has a hands on knowledge of the working of Islamic banking and finance industry.

Mr. José Ferreira Ramos is today the Chairman of JFR Investments that was instrumental in developing the RIdge Group of companies that runs and operates many developmental activities across the globe. He set a new path in 2004 by bringing the major shares of the company to muster the ownership of the enterprise and guide it on a new path of success. He is one of the most trusted names in practical management studies, he delivered a lecture on "entrepreneurship in developing countries” at the 4th Global Forum Peter Drucker, held in Vienna (Austria) in November 2012.

Social and Developmental Work

Mr. José Ferreira Ramos always believed that individual prosperity is a responsibility and necessity for social development. He shared his prosperity with society so that everyone could join with him in the path to modernity with awareness. He did much of his work under the banner of Ridge Solutions Group or the RS Group as it is well known. He supported the Camarões de Angola’s project to develop the largest Aquaculture Project in Africa. It started in November 2010 and its marketing possibilities are assisted by RS Group. It will cover markets of Europe, Asia and North America where consumption of seafood has been growing. In 2009, RS Farming under his guidance, began projects for agricultural development. Starting with the first farm in Huambo, spreading to other units in Benguela and Bengo. In total, the group’s objective in the medium term is to reach 500 thousand hectares and equip them with an industrial component.

1981 Divisional Chief of Operations of Angolan Airlines
1992 Founded R&RR – Explorações Mineiras; TILCA; TAE
2004 Ownership of RS Group
2008 RS Group began Industrial projects
2009 first African Group to sponsor an F1 team
2010 RS Group joins Aquaculture Project in Africa
2012 Lecture at 4th Global Forum Peter Drucker, Vienna
2015 Won African Philanthropist of the Year  Award

International Relations

The growth of Mr. José Ferreira Ramos in the business field resonated in the international front as well. His fame reached global audience over time and his humility and skill inspires some of the very significant partnerships in the world. His long term vision, his dexterous economic principles have created close acquaintance with many royal families and governments. The current role of Mr. José Ferreira Ramos as the Economic Advisor of the President of the Republic of S. Tome e Principe is a proof of this fact. Strong relations with the Ruler of Al Ain in UAE, as a leading figure in the Businessmen Association and associations with the son of former President of China is all well known.

He also enjoys the status of being a board member of the Black Sea Caspian Sea International Fund. It is a vital organization involved in promoting constructive relations between the business clients and individual initiatives to forge an economic partnership. The organization supports many business and economic initiatives around the globe hence has a political will behind it as well.

He is also a fellow member of European Business Assembly, which is an economic corporation with social and humanitarian collaborations and was founded at Oxford in the UK in 2000. Being an interactive platform that adapts many of the European economic programs to suit the aspirations of the developing world, it follows the directives of European Union and its programmes under “Good-neighbourliness” and “Eastern partnership”.

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