Success Story of Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions

Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge solutions are very much famous in the Middle East for the kind of investment services that it has to offer for the residents in the Middle east. 

In our previous reads, we’ve given a slight of an idea about Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos & in this read we’ll be sharing more information about Ridge solutions. 

Ridge Solutions– The group was established in 2004. The firm is a wholly-owned Angolan company that develops diverse projects across several market sectors under the supervision of its’ operating units. 

The company’s initial successes came in leading several high profile real estate developments in Angola. 

The 1st commercial success came in the real estate development in Angola. Then with the help of the team in Ridge solutions. Ridge Solutions stepped & gained experience in different sectors in Angola like the- 

  • Property development 
  • Finance
  • Engineering & many other sectors.

And, as time passed Jose Ferreira Ramos & Ridge Solutions gained consistent & high economic growth among the other Angolan companies & in the Angolan economy. 

And, that was when the Ridge Solutions decided to step out for Global market & to expanded activities into other sectors & activities & now it includes the following- 

  • Engineering, Project Management and Infrastructure Development (GEG Angola and Emirates Ridge Solutions Contracting, Abu Dhabi)
  • Property development, housing, offices, shopping centers, tourism, Hotels & Resorts (RS Property)
  • Agriculture (RS Farming)
  • Aquaculture (RS Aquaculture)
  • Investment Fund Management & Corporate Finance Advisory Services (RS Capital)
  • Natural Resources & Industries (RS Industry)
  • Brand management and retail product development (RS Brand)
  • Commodities Trading & Brokerage (Ridge Commodities)

Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos shares a vision for Ridge Solutions & the vision is to- 

  • Giving a comprehensive 360-degree view based on the best of both worlds.

According to Mr. Ramos- “When you set a goal and intend to achieve it, no-one can separate them from our Mission, Vision, and Values. 

Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos is strict with the concept that “One should never do fraud with the services or products that the firm has to offer. And, at Ridge solutions, this is one key thing that helps Ridge solutions to prosper & to become the global leaders & conquer new heights. 

Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos & Ridge solutions are not just a label it’s a brand identity in himself. There are many competitors who are afraid & jealous looking at the growth that Ridge Solutions had gained over the past years. 

But, the Ridge Solutions continues the journey to becoming the global leaders in the sectors that we’ve stepped into. Ridge Solutions has a long way to go & will continue the same. There are no stopping Ridge solutions.

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