Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos Speaks About The Importance of Education

Team Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions is back with yet another read about a text format of an interview that happened in Angola during an event.

Mr Ramos during an interview in Angola was once asked – “What is the most essential thing in one’s life?”

The answer to that went viral on the local media & was discussed by masses in Angola. 

The interviewer askedYou’re one of the most influential people in Angola. What is the role of education in a person’s life?

Mr Ramos replied- See my brother, the question itself is an irrelevant one. What is the role? Seriously what not education can do in one’s life.   

According to me, education is the key thing that moulds a person’s character & personality.

If you ask me why education is important?

I would say if a person wants to know or understand what’s right or wrong. He/she should be educated. 

According to me, education is something that is being misinterpreted in terms of definition. People always think education is something that helps you gain marks in examinations but that’s not the fact according to me. 

For me, education is the key thing that defines your character & your personality. I believe a well-educated person will never take anything in his life for granted. 

And, taking things for not granted is something is the first & foremost principle of success. A person who understands the value of things they possess in life will always try to make the most of it. 

Education is not about the marks you get in your exams; they’re simply the skill-set that enhances the chances of getting your dream job. 

For me, education is the first & foremost brick that you lay for becoming a successful person. And, becoming a success is not an over-night thing one needs to put in all of his efforts & hardwork for reaching places where he/she wants to see himself. 

So, for me, education plays a vital role in sculpting a beautiful future. Work towards it & see changes in your life. The future of a nation is shaped right from the classrooms.  

That was Mr Ramos thoughts about the importance of education in today’s world. We hope this read helps you to understand the importance of education. 

Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions supports & work for making the education compulsory for everyone. We always do our part in making the world a better place.  

And, we believe that it’s our commitment towards society for making this world a better place. So, for me, education plays an important role in nurturing a person’s future.

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