Meaning of success for Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions

Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions team is back with yet another read about an interview that happened in Dubai during an inauguration function. 

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So, let’s get started with the read. Here’s how the interview proceeds. 

Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions was asked – “what does success really mean for you?”

Here’s how the reply goes-

My friend, success is just an entity that people take to compare your growth for the world. I would say that never run behind success. Always try to build loyal customers & trust me you’ll grow. 

According to me, I measure my success & growth in terms of the no. of loyal customers that I possess. If my growth is something that you look up to. Then trust me my customers are my profits.  

The losses are the customers I’ve lost. And, with God grace & my transparency that I keep in my business & hard work of my employees. Our firm Ridge Solutions has only gained customers over these years.  

The 5 important things that I hold on to or follow in my business are – 

  1. My words & commitment towards the customers. 
  2. 100% transparency with everything we do at Ridge. 
  3. Keeping my employees happy & satisfied all the time. 
  4. Never-ending urge to learn new business trends. 
  5. Taking feedback from my customers.

And, by doing this my firm – Ridge Solutions is doing very well. The Ridge Solution is a dream that became a reality & so I stick to the beliefs & ideas that I had when I started it. 

One last thing that I would like to add is – Never get carried away with the profits & fame that you earn with your business. Hold on to the ideas & beliefs that you’ve when starting your business. 

Thanks & my best wishes to all the people assembled here. Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solution

And, that was the speech by the man himself our mentor & CEO of Ridge Solutions. Mr Ramos & his vision for the business has always been a topic of discussion among business owners all around the world. 

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