Jose Ramos Angola speaks about poverty at 2015 Mikiva humanitarian awards

Mr. Jose Ramos Angola is a man who is very much concerned about the things that are happening in the world. 

And, in a public function conducted in Angola after receiving the African Philanthropist of the year Award in 2015 at the Mikiva Humanitarian foundation awards in 2015. 

Mr. Jose Ramos Angola was asked a question-

“You’re a humanitarian & a great businessman who does lots of charity & is very much involved in the social matters that affect mankind. 

What according to you is the greatest problem that the people are facing in today’s world?”

Mr. Jose Ramos Angola kept himself quite for a while & gave a reply that blew the minds of people sitting there. 

Here’s how the answer goes- (translated in English)

“It’s hard to form me to acknowledge this problem because when I think of it it’s almost like a nightmare for me. 

According to me, the world’s biggest problem is- Poverty.

And, it’s sad that only a few of the good-hearted people, foundations are only taking steps in improving the lives of the poor people.

There are many thousands & lakhs of kids dying all around the world because of poverty. 

For the world I am a billionaire, I make a lot of money & I make my employee lives better. 

But, if you ask me whether I am happy?

My, answer would be a big No. 

Every day, in our news, media we hear a lot about the poor kids that are dying around the globe due to poverty, malnutrition, etc. And, we on the other side living a life where we get everything that we want. 

For us- 

  • Food- No problem
  • Money- Yes we do have
  • Sheather- Ohh yeah we have big mansions 

But, how many of us have tried at least once to help a needy person? I bet the majority of us might have ignored the people who come to us seeking help. And, that’s one of the saddest things in today’s world. 

Nearly 10-15% of the global population goes to bed at night without having food. (the stats may be even higher)

And, that’s why I along with my venture Ridge Solutions is trying our best to make the lives of people around the globe better. 

Before the beginning of the question, you guys used the salutation like a humanitarian, great businessman, etc to acknowledge me.  

Let me tell you something- 

  • I am no different than anyone sitting over here. 
  • I am just an ordinary person like you. 

But, the only thing that makes me different is my love for the human race & that’s something that one much learn to develop in self. I every day try to become a good person & try to do something for the people around me. 

I repeat even you can bring changes in other’s lives it’s just that one must have the heart to do that. If this happens the world would be a better place. 

Always remember the change starts from you. 

Help a person & make the world a better place. 

Thank you for being so patient. I know I spoke for a while but this topic is something that I could speak for a whole day. 

Gracias Amigo” 

The speech left many people thinking & applause were at the peak as Mr. Jose Ramos Angola paused his answer.

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