Jose Ramos Angola – Use your time wisely (Time Management)

Hello readers, we’re back with yet another read about Mr Jose Ramos Angola. We hope all of you’re safe at your homes & are making the most of the time you have with you. 

Today, in this read we’ll share Mr Ramos thoughts on how you can make the most of the time you have with you during this lockdown & COVID-19 scenario. 

This read is inspired by one of Mr Ramos speech. 

People who know Mr Ramos know how much he values time & how much he’s conscious about time management in his day to day life. 

According to Mr Ramos if you understand the value of each & every second in your life then you’ll never waste it. So, Mr Ramos shares his ideas on time management. 

Let’s get started with our blog. 

How to manage your time effectively – Jose Ramos Angola. 

  • Set a time limit & always do a time check

Setting a time limit for everything can be a fun activity it allows you to push your limits for getting things one time. 

Example- If you have set a time of 2 hours for a task for completion then you’ll do everything to complete the task within that time frame & once you finish your work within that time frame you’ll get a sense of self-contentment. 

And, this feeling helps you get things done at a faster pace. 

Time check is yet another thing that you can practice.

i.e always do a time check whenever you do work this will help you know how much time you’ve consumed. 

This will help you understand what activity of yours is time-consuming and & what needs to be done to fix that delay. 

Example- If you’re asked to send a proposal for a project within 2 hours after studying the scope of the business. What are you going to do 1st?

  • First- Study the project
  • Do an analysis 
  • Prepare a mail 

Let’s say you’ve finished the following in the given time- 

  • Project study- 1 hour
  • Analysis – 45 mins
  • Mail- 45 mins

The total time you’ve taken will be 2 hours & 30 mins. 

So, imagine you’ve done a great project study & analysis but have taken very much time for creating mail. 

And, by keeping an eye on the time spend will help you sharpen your skills & work accordingly by understanding the areas that you need to work to improve your time management. 

So, by setting a time frame for everything & checking on time will help you with the proper management of time. 

  • Create a To-do list or a plan of action for the day

Having a to-do list will help you in saving a lot of time. A to-do list will help you stay focused & prepared for the daily activities mentally. 

Example- Imagine you have a to-do list in your laptop or have stuck it near your work area. 

Just imagine you striking off each of your daily tasks feels great isn’t? 

Yes, a to-do list or a daily planner can give you mental satisfaction & can help you save a lot of time. 

  • Always prioritise your work according to their importance

Always do the important works in the morning time not only that you can also finish your pending, stressful & hardest of your works in the morning. 

Why morning is the perfect time to do your hectic work?

Well, the answer is simple you’ll be more positive & energetic in the morning time & as the day passes you energy drains & you tend to get lazy. So set your important works & top priority & do other easy works when you feel drained. 

The above listed are few of the things that you can practice when it comes you managing your time at the best. 

We’ll be posting more tips on time management in the coming days. 

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