Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos Thoughts on ethics in Business

Hello, readers, our team Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions is back with yet another read that helps you with Mr Ramos’s thoughts on ethics in business. 

Mr Jose Ramos was once asked during an inauguration function in Dubai, UAE how much do you think is the importance of ethics in running a successful business?

The reply was very much enlightening and eye-opening for many entrepreneurs present in the function. 

Here’s how his reply goes –

My friend its common thinking among the people that every business is run by unethical means & is carried out with utmost secrecy but, that’s not the truth. 

I run a business as you all know the Ridge Solutions & you all know how much I am close & careful about the whole business management. 

And, I think you will agree with the fact that my business is doing just fine & is making fine profits. Did I ever use any shortcut or unethical means?

No, I never used any shortcut or unethical means to make business for making profits. For, me my people & hard work were the 2 strong pillars for my business success.  

So, if you ask me how much I give importance to ethics in doing business then I would say my whole business empire is built on certain ethics that I keep & follow in my life. 

I am an old fashioned person for me certain values like honesty, truthfulness & commitment matters & those are the qualities that I hold on to. 

Also, if you think you can become successful in your business my unfair means & unethical practices that let me tell you my friend you wont go too far with your business. 

My friends & fellow entrepreneurs I request & wish that you all will be ethical & will keep certain ethical values to follow in life. 

Rember, when your business runs on ethical values like commitment, trancespercy then you’ll have a large base of loyal customers. 

And, to become successful you don’t need a large base of customers you need a very small set of loyal customers who’ll rely on your business products & services. Because the no. of people may change but no. of the loyal customer remains the same forever. 

Build a large base of loyal customers. Focus on building a loyal customer base then creating more customer bases. 

So, as I said before your ethics & your business practices are the things that make you different from others.  

I wish you all the best for all your future endeavours & hope you all will stay committed & remain ethical with everything you do in your business. 

Good luck. 

That was the written format of one of the speeches that Mr Jose Ramos delivered in UAE. We hope that this read helps you in becoming a successful person & helps you become a better person. 

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