Jose Ferreira Ramos Speaks About the Importance of Friendship & Ethics

Hello readers, we’re back with yet another read about Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos. We hope all of you’re safe at your homes & are having a great time with your loved ones.

Today, in this read we’ll share details about an interview with Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos. We hope this read motivates you to become a better person like Mr Ramos. 

Mr Ramos was once asked, “What are the things that make you a better person?”.

Like, any other replies during this interview also Mr Ramos made people think & left everyone with a shocking expression. 

The person who I’ve become today is because of my parents & the moral values that they taught me. But, the things that still make me a better person in this crooked world are my “Friends & My ethics”. 

Yes, my friends matter the most. I always say to my employees & followers to select the circle wisely. Because of your surroundings is the primary for your current behaviour. 

When you’ve friends who point out your mistakes – You become a better person. And, if you’ve friends who keep you in your comfort zone then your growth goes down. 

  • Surround yourself with the kind of people who bring the best out of you. 
  • Always choose true criticizers over fake promoters.
  • Choose your circle wisely & remember it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, all it matters is how many of them are true towards you. 

My ethics yes, I do rely on some ethics & I hold on to it no matter what happens or changes around me I always stay & stick to those ethics & moral values. 

A person with good loyal friends & ethics can be truly an inspiration to everyone.

If you consider me as an idol then my “Friends & My ethics” are the two pillars behind it. 

The interview was very much interactive. And, in the end, all he asked everyone to write down the no. of true friends he/she has & asked everyone to do a self-assessment about themselves & the ethics they follow in their lives.

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