Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions thoughts about dreams

Mr Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions was once asked what was once asked “his thoughts about chasing a dream or how to do you see a person who’s striving for attaining his dream?”

And, here’s how the reply goes-

My friend, I am not here to judge anyone, so if you ask me how to see a person striving to achieve his dream, I would say I adore such people. It’s almost hard to see such people in today’s time.

I said this because today people are looking for safe play or are very much happy with whatever they have or possess in life. None of us is really focused on our dream. Most of us if we ask each we would say my dream is to make money for my family.

I am not saying it’s not a dream or anything I love people who’re working hard for making their family happy. But, being a dreamer I always believe that every human being has a dream for himself/herself. 

It can be anything it can be a doing skydive in Dubai or climbing Everest & it’s very much natural that you dream of those things some of your dreams may sound wired to others but remember those are the things that keep the fire within you. 

So, the people present here are sitting here without a dream then I suggest when you go back write the things you would love or dream to do & note down the one dream that seems impossible for you & set it as your dream, then work for it. 

Because the person sitting in front of you is a result of the dream that I had when I didn’t even understand the meaning of a dream, Yes, Ridge solutions is my dream & it has come true with the constant efforts & many sleepless nights of hard work with some of the like-minded people whom I call now my Ridge Family.

It’s perfectly okay to have a cray dream unless or until it doesn’t hurt anyone. Remember the best dream that you have is a thing that makes this world a better place.

That was our Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions words about chasing & having your dream in your life.

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