Jose Ferreira Ramos Empresário Thoughts About Today’s World

Hello folks, we’re back with yet another read about Jose Ferreira Ramos Empresário & his life stories. 

Most of you know Jose Ferreira Ramos Empresário a promising entrepreneur. But, Mr Ramos more than that. And, in this read, you’ll understand more about that. 

Mr Ramos is a great human being & a great nature & animal lover.

He’s a person who loves humans & animals equally. He believes in the fact that every being in this world needs care & love. 

Mr Ramos was once asked during an interview “What makes you so feel bad about this world and why?

The answer was very much simple with a very deep message in it.

Here’s how his reply goes- 

I am happy in this world. I don’t have any objection or complaint to the world or the people around me. 

But, the thing that makes me sad is how people manipulate things according to their like & desires. 

  • People today are very much busy pulling each other down.
  • People today are very concerned about themselves. No one is bothered about others well-being & happiness. 
  • People around us are destroying nature at a very fast pace for their own luxury & comfort. 

Always remember one thing the world is our home & we all are connected with each other’s lives this is the concept that I believe in. According to me, happiness should be shared with everyone. 

Making others life should be our first & foremost priority. And, that’s what we do at Ridge solution. 

Remember one thing it’s okay to have a thrive in achieving success but achieving success by destroying others & nature should not be our prime motive. 

Also, the other thing that bothers me is how people take nature for granted & harm animals. People treat animals very brutally & I hate it the most. People don’t treat animals as living beings, they simply throw stones on them & do the hunting for their pleasure. 

According to me, every living being has the right to live just like us. And, disturbing their habitat & life is one of the toxic things that we do. 

I strongly oppose violence on animals. Love everything & show care for everything around.  

The one thing that can unite us & keep us together is our love for each other. 

Those were the words of our mentor & our CEO & we hope this read helps you to become a better person. 

Stay tuned for more of such motivational reads from us. 

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