Jose Ferreira Ramos Angola speaks about his dream location Dubai

Jose Ferreira Ramos Angola Empresário winning the African Philanthropist of the year Award in 2015 was once asked- 

“Which is the best place that you would love to be in the world after Angola?” 

Without any delay, Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos Angola replied- Dubai, UAE. 

And delivered a beautiful speech about UAE i.e. the things he loved in Dubai & why he preferred Dubai, UAE over other places in the world. 

Here’s how the speech goes (translated in English)-  

Angola is always an emotion for me. And, Angola was the 1st place where I started everything- 

  • My charity, 
  • My business- Ridge solutions

Angola gave me a big break- Ridge Solutions & has helped me a lot with the expansion of my business. 

But, Dubai, UAE was a breakthrough for me in understanding the global market. Dubai, UAE is known as the land of dreams & fantasies & trust me guys the place is exactly the same. 

I must say Dubai, UAE is the land that gives you immense opportunities & dreams that’ll help you break all kinds of limitations & will motivate you to push your limits. 

For me, Dubai has made me rethink the way I manage the business. 

I see a lot of successful businessmen in my day to day life but the business persons that I’ve met in Dubai, UAE are way different. 

The businessman in the UAE are-

  • Very much professional 
  • Dedicated 
  • They even look into the smallest problems faced by employees
  • A perfect blend of business mindedness & kindness.

And, meeting such people will always make you rethink the whole work culture that is prevailing in this world. 

As far as Ridge Solutions is concerned we at Ridge Solutions follow the same practice right from the start. 

We, at our firm, make sure 3 things- 
  • Work gets done at the right time
  • 100% employee satisfaction
  •  The growth rate keeps increasing every month.

So, guys Dubai if you’re a businessman trust me guys Dubai & the commerce that’s happening will blow your mind. Dubai is a place where the whole world comes to make their dreams come true.  

Dubai is not only a place for learning or expanding your business, it’s a place for pleasure also. There are tons of places that you can explore in Dubai but for me. 

My favorite places are- 

Guys if you’re a businessman the place is gonna help you learn more about global economy & market trends. 

If you’re a family man planning a leisure trip then Dubai is a must place to visit.

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