Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos about the great city Dubai

Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos is a person who loves to travel & explore places & people working in different sectors of work.

Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos always sates that Dubai is like a home away from home.
For Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos Dubai is the land of opportunities for young & growing entrepreneurs. Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos quotes Dubai as “The land of gold laying goose” & he also adds that without hard work & dedication no-one can excel in Dubai.

He is an inauguration ceremony of a cafe in Dubai delivered a speech that became an inspiration & motivation for many people who were present during the inauguration ceremony. We would like to share a portion of that speech with you as well. And, hope it proves to be a motivation for you as well.

The speech goes like this-

دبي هي أرض الفرص ، وإذا كنت شخصًا يعتزم أن يصبح رجل أعمال ناجحًا في دبي. إليك بعض الأشياء التي يمكن أن تساعدك في إنشاء قبو قوي لعملك.

1 – لا تستسلم أبدًا حتى لو كان كل أصدقائك ، تطلب منك الأسرة الاستسلام. تذكر دائمًا الشيء الوحيد الذي بدأت فيه لأنه ، في النهاية ، هو الشيء الوحيد المهم. قد تفشل ولكن سيكون درسًا لك. إذا نجحت ، فسيكون ذلك مصدر إلهام لكثير من الناس.

2- ابدأ يومك دائمًا بملاحظة إيجابية في ذهنك. قد تكون الأيام صعبة عليك فقط تبتسم وتذهب.

3- أحط نفسك بنوع الأشخاص الذين قد ترغب في أن تتطلع إليهم إذا كنت تحيط نفسك بأشخاص لم يحققوا شيئًا في حياتهم ، فسيصبح ذلك معيارًا يمكنك المقارنة به. دائما بعض الناس في حياتك التي يمكنك البحث عنها.

4) تعامل مع عملائك كنوع ولا تتساهل أبدًا مع الخدمات التي تقدمها لهم. لأنه في نهاية الأمر الوحيد الذي سيجلب لك الربح أو الخسارة ، لا يخذلك عملاؤك أبدًا.

آخر وأهم شيء يجب مراعاته هو:
لا يوجد طريق مختصر لتحقيق النجاح. لا يوجد سوى شعار واحد للنجاح وهو عمل شاق والتزام تجاه الخدمات التي تقدمها لعملائك.

English translation for the same goes like this-

“ Dubai is the land of opportunity & if you’re a person who is planning to become a successful businessman in Dubai. Here are certain things that can help you in establishing a strong basement for your business.

1- Never ever give up even if all your friends, the family asks you to give up. Always remember the one thing why you started because, in the end, it’s the only thing that matters. You may fail but it will be a lesson for you. If you succeed that’s going to be an inspiration for many people.

2- Always begin your day with a positive note in your mind. The days might be going tough on you just smile & get going.

3- Surround yourself with the kind of people that you might wanna look up to if you surround yourself with people who have not achieved anything in their lives then that will become a benchmark for you to compare with. Always have some people in your lives that you can look up to.

4) Treat your customers as kind & never compromise with the services that you’re offering for them. Because at the end of the only thing that is going to bring you to profit or loss is your customers never let them down.

The last & the most important thing to keep in mind is that-
There is no shortcut to success. There is just one mantra to success & it’s hard work & commitment towards the services that you’re offering to your customers.

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