Inspirational speech by Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions

As you all know that Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions is a person whose influence is widespread in both online & offline platforms. 

And, his speech has been a real motivation for many people residing in different parts of the world. 

And, in today’s read, we’ll guide with one of the speeches that he delivered in UAE during an inauguration ceremony. 

Mr. Ramos was asked- “Sir, you’re a well-renowned entrepreneur in the Middle East as well as in Angola how do you select the best employees for your firm. We’ve heard a lot about your company & how your employees stand out among the others. Kindly share the secret.”

Mr. Ramos took a pause & with a slight smile on his face started the speech- 

Here’s how it goes-

Thank you so much for giving me the compliment that my firm employees stand out from others. I would like to say that there is no secret to selecting the best employees. The concept of selecting the best itself is wrong. 

See brother no one is perfect in this world & no employee is perfect. And, so it’s not about selecting the best employee for the business. It’s about making the employees perfect & then filtering them on the basis of their performance.

“Employees are the backbone of a firm. And, so employees should be evaluated carefully.” 

I recruit people based on their urge to make the company better & their vision for self-growth. And, I closely examine them with my team for the first six months & then I evaluate them-

Here’s how I evaluate my coworkers or employees-

Factors that I look up to –

  1. Commitment to work.
  2. Commitment towards the company.
  3. Hardworking nature & the urge to learn new things.

1) The commitment towards work can be measured by-

  • Quality that he/she maintains in works.
  • On-time completion of the tasks assigned.
  • Willingness to take new works.

2) Commitment towards the company- A good employee will always know the fact- “His/her growth depends on the growth of the company”

So, note his/her attitude towards making the company a better place.

3) Hardworking & urge to learn new things- This can be measured by- His/her attitude when new work is assigned. Check if he/she is regularly keeping themselves updated with the new trends & updates involved with your area of work.

They are the few factors that I keep in mind when I judge people based on their work.

Always remember not every employee is important for you & with the proper evaluation, you can sort the best employees for your firm. 

Surround yourself with the people who’ll make you push your limits & motivate you in becoming a better person.

The speech was proved to be very much helpful for everyone present there & made everyone rethink about there way of hiring & evaluating their employees.

Mr. Jose Ferreira Ramos Ridge Solutions also added that treat your employees better & they’ll make sure that your firm reaches the heights where you aim your firm to be in.  


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